New Music: WHYTRI – “XURWIFI (Remix)” ft. Lily Rayne

WHTYRI and Lilly Rayne take on technology in colorful "XURWIFI (Remix)"

New England stand up! Boston rapper WHYTRI teams up with Providence’s Lily Rayne for “XURWIFI (Remix)”. On the track both artists express the effects that technology has on their individual relationships. “My bitch hit me with a ‘heyyyyy’ / I ain’t seen [sic] for days / Roaming right up through my city / I lost all my data that’s shitty/ I caught a lick on Xfinity / now my checks look like infinity,” WHYTRI spits. Lilly Rayne moves in with confidence and swagger. “I just be jiggin off wifi / Your hoe wants to f-ck me and my guy / Jigging and jigging I’m flexing / I took the bitch of the timeline,” she continues. In the colorful video, directed by DBELIJAH, WHYTRI rides throughout a colorful PVD before joining Lily for the turn up and turn off. This is the first release of the year for both WHYTRI and Rayne. Back in 2017, they released Kahuna and Rhode Girl EP, respectively. We’re definitely looking forward to more sounds out of New England in 2018! Check out WHYTRI and Rayne in “XURWIFI (Remix)” below!

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