New Music: Eminem – “Chloraseptic (Remix)” ft. 2 Chainz & Phresher

Eminem responds to critics with "Chloraseptic (Remix)" ft. 2 Chainz & Phresher

In December, Eminem released his eighth studio album Revival. Despite topping the Billboard Hot 200, the album met mixed reviews from fans and critics earning the title of Slim Shady’s “worst album”. Reasons for the critique vary from the album’s underwhelming sound to it’s overall concept. Another reason why fans were let down was due to the lack of a highly anticipated 2 Chainz collaboration. Long and behold, Slim Shady follows-up to the criticism with the remix to Revival track “Chloraseptic” featuring Phresher and now 2 Chainz. “2 Chainz, yeah, yeah / Take ’em to church, I’m talkin’ the tabernacle / It’s the return of the body snatcher / Walk in the spot, make my woman smack you / In a food fight, I aim at your Adam’s Apple,” Titty Boy spits on the opening verse.

Eminem – “Walk On Water” featuring Beyonce

The remix also features an additional verse from Em in response to the albums critique. “Not as raw as I was, “Walk on Water” sucks / Bitch, suck my d-ck / Y’all saw the tracklist and had a fit ‘fore you heard it / So you formed your verdict / While you sat with your arms crossed,” he snaps. ” Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs / Nah, dog, y’all sayin’ I lost it, your f-ckin’ marbles are gone / But nowadays, every flow, every cadence sounds the same / Brain’s a powder cake, I draw inspiration out of hate,” he continues. While “Chloraseptic” serves as one of projects standout tracks and the remix with 2 Chainz and Eminem’s response is even better, I still agree that Revival is one of Eminem’s worst albums. With that being said, is it as bad as people make it? Absolutely not! Will I listen to it again? Probably not! But will I listen to this remix again? Hell yeah! Despite the mixed reviews Eminem is still one of the greatest rappers alive! What do you think? Check out Eminem’s “Chloraseptic (Remix)” featuring Phresher and 2 Chainz HERE! *

North America fans will have to wait a little bit until they can hear ‚ÄúChloraseptic (Remix)” as it is an international exclusive for now.*


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