New Music: Justin Timberlake – “Filthy”

Justin Timberlake Releases "Filthy" ... This song should be played VERY LOUD!

Justin Timberlake makes a triumphant return with the brand new single “Filthy”. The lead single off of Man Of The Woods finds the singer riding a funky, futuristic Timberland power-production.  “I said, put your filthy hands all over me / And no, this ain’t the clean version / And what you gonna do with all that meat? / Cookin’ up a mean servin’,” he spits on the chorus. “All my haters gon’ say it’s fake /I guess I got my swagger back,” he continues.  In the video released with the track, JT puts on a futuristic presentation complete with robots and the famous dance moves he’s known for. I’m loving the sound of this single! With productions from long time collaborator Timberland and super-producer Pharrell Williams, I know the project’s going to follow suit. Man Of The Woods is due for release on February 2nd, just-in time for Justin’s Halftime Super Bowl Performance. Are you ready!? Check out “Filthy” below!


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