New Music: Big Sean & Eminem – “No Favors”

big-sean-detroit-show-1After kicking off the new era with hits like “Bounce Back” and “Moves”, Big Sean releases a final track to promote the new album I Decided. Teaming up with Eminem, Sean Don sets the record straight –no favors on the way to the top and no favors when they got there. “Make it, make it, make it, boy, we gotta make it / You can save your hand, I ain’t gotta shake it / Everything lined up for the taking / And what I need from ’em? No favors,” Sean spits over the WondaGurl production. “The band, the Lambo, Hummer and Road Runner / Go ham donut or go Rambo, gotta make an example of her / That’s for Sandra Bland ho and Philando / Hannibal on the lamb, no wonder I am so stubborn,” Slim Shady spits. “I’m anti, can’t no government handle a commando / Your man don’t want it, Trump’s a bitch / I’ll make his whole brand go under (yeah),” he continues. “No Favors” is definitely a stand out record of the new album!

New MV: Big Sean’s “Moves” Is A Trip!

While Sean always delivers quality music, he also delivers a new feel that challenges the expectations of his previous work. With Dark Sky Paradise arguably being Sean’s best solo project to date, he has so much to prove! “The name of the album is called ‘I Decided’. I realized my whole life change when I decided. Life is all about [making decisions],” he explained in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Big Sean’s “Halfway Off The Balcony”, “Moves”  and “Bounce Back” are all  cuts off of Big Sean’s new album I Decided! The album features collaborations with Jhene Aiko, Migos, The-Dream and Eminem amongst others! You can stream I Decided here! Check out “Big Sean’s “No Favors” featuring Eminem below!


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