New Music: Z100 Calls Out The “Scene Girl”

z100-scene-girlIn this day and age, the PVD culture has been flooded with local talent stemming from rappers to producers and singers in between. Earlier this week, Z100 made a return to the scene with a smooth feel titled “Scene Girl”. On the track, Z calls out a girl who seeks attention at the part “She wants an apology / I want a Ferarri / different philosophies / different philosophy,” he spits over the WagzHS and GenrusHS production. “Scene girl, she’s just a scene girl! She’s just a scene girl, wanna be seen girl. Well now you’re seen girl, go f**ck the team girl,” he continues. It’s unknown if “Scene Girl” will end up on the forthcoming project Z100 Hurricane but it’s a good start! Z100 Hurricane is due for release later this year! Until then, check out Z100’s “Scene Girl” below!


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