New Music: Almty Ceez – “Thought You Knew”

Ceez - Thought You KnewAlmty Ceez returns to the scene with a brand new track titled “Thought You Knew”. On the smooth track, Ceez “But I never told you / cause I never had to / I thought you knew! I couldn’t control you / back when I had you / You broke all the rules,” he spits over the Swiss Frankie production. “But your f**king with my head now / Every time I lay my head down / I can’t tell how many bitches in my bed now / Wanna f**k, give a n**ga head now,” he continues. “Thought You Knew” serves as the first single off of Ceez’ forthcoming album Top Floor. It also sets the pace for a brand new installment called #AlmtySundays. Always looking forward to new music! Check out Ceez’ “Thought  You Knew” below!


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