ICYMI: Riff Raff – “Test Drive” ft. Wiz Khalifa

test-driveRiff Raff’s back at it again and this time, I think he actually has something up his sleeves. Earlier this week, Jody Highroller teamed up with Wiz Khalifa and DJ Afterthought on a brand new single called “Test Drive”. “Test Drive” is a smooth feel that finds Riff Raff celebrating the successes in his life with a side of codeine. “On Versace walkie-talkies, in the Oval Office / Dust my shoes off like Dustin Hoffman / Jumped off the Buick like Bon Jovi / Codeine in my coffee, keep these haters off me,” he spits over the DJ Afterthought production. Wiz blesses the track with a smooth hook. “It feels good riding ’round like it’s a test drive / It feels good rolling up the weed to get high / It feels good hanging out with the gang all night / It feels good knowing that everything’s all right,” he spits. “Test Drive” is the lead single off of Riff Raff’s collaborative effort with DJ Afterthought. Aquaberry Aquarius is due for release next week! Along with the album, comes the blockbuster film Peach Panther due for release later this year! Looks like a promising 2017 for Riff Raff! Check out “Test Drive” featuring Wiz Khalifa below!



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