New Music: Cam Bells Returns With “Oxygen”

unnamedIt’s been a while since Cam Bells made an impact with his EP Providence: C.O.L.D. After taking a hiatus and building anticipation, the Providence creative returns to the scene with a brand new single titled “Oxygen”. “Oxygen” finds Cam reflecting on his past experiences while looking forward to his future endeavors. “Was going crazy now it’s adding up / Maybe I’m a savage / But I never let these blood suckers take me out my character /Special type of nigga, special type of nigga / the man in the mirrors my only challenger,” he spits over a Kris Fame, “There U Go”-sampling, power-production.

#BennettKnowsRadio Interviews Cam Bells

“South side where 25 and alive is a, divine blessing, sent from beyond heaven / Will I make it out of the fire, only time will tell it/ Even though I probably never sell a diamond record / I’ll be platinum from the blocks to the barber shops / and if they hit me tomorrow, I’ll die a legend,” he continues. “Oxygen” serves as the first sound off of Cam Bell’s forthcoming EP Young King, Old Soul. I’m definitely looking forward to the new project! Providence: C.O.L.D. served as a prominent representation of not only Cam’s experience in Providence, Rhode Island but so many others. I’m looking forward to how Cam challenges expectations this time around. I’m also hoping we get a little turn-up (ie. “Paper Planes”) in which Cam served over 5 years ago with Arab Musik! Young King, Old Soul is due for release next month. Check out Cam Bell’s “Oxygen” below!


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