ICYMI: Von Returns With “401PM In Providence”


Von The General comes swinging into 2017 with a brand new feel titled “401PM In Providence”. On the track the PVD creative sets the pace of his forthcoming mixtape Generally Speaking II. “I be feeling like why wont they give me the title / Why are we acting like we’re in recitals/ It’s like it’s amateur hour, it’s the man of the hour, not the the man of the our / this that need to retire under the door shit/ reppin my fortress/ G.U.M. we made it from the floor s**t,” he spits over the DJ Frachise production. “Man y’all ain’t authentic / all we make is hits coming for the panic / put up all your chips, tell me who wants to bet it,” he continues. Generally Speaking II is hosted by PVD’s DJ Franchise and features guest verses from Kaliber, Jay Rich, & Jean Lou! You can stream the project in it’s entirety here! Check out Von’s “401PM In Providence” below!

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