ICYMI: King OSF – “Stack It”

screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-3-17-35-pmAfter creating a buzz with Vick Mucka throughout 2016, PVD creative King OSF kicks off 2017 with his brand new single “Stack It”. Although the track is smooth, the production still provides the turn-up feel King OSF is known for. “Back then I was worthless / no clothes I was shirtless / Now I eat until my stomach be hurting / I was walking back then / Now I’m swerving,” he spits reflecting on his past struggles. “I count that money and stack it/ I count that money and stack it,” he continues on the chorus. In the Alex Sandoval directed video, OSF vibes out while reflecting on these moments. King OSF and Vick Mucka created quite a buzz with cuts like “Lately” and “Big Brother” off of 2016’s Eyes Open. I’m definitely looking forward to how King OSF impacts music as a solo artist in 2017! It’s time to get familiar! Check out KING OSF in “Stack It” below!


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