New Music: Big Sean Debuts Two New Songs!

big-sean-debuts-two-new-songsAfter kicking off the new era with cuts lie “Bounce Back” and “Moves”, Big Sean releases two new songs to promo his forthcoming album I Decided. The first track, “Halfway Off The Balcony”, finds the Detroit rapper reflecting on his past failures before asking himself if he should continue. “I’m hangin’ halfway off the balcony / Overthinkin’ ’cause my job is way more than a salary / Everything around me gold like I just practiced alchemy / I realized when it comes to girls / That chemistry means way more than anatomy,” he spits over the smooth Key Wane production. On the the second track “Sunday Morning Jetpack”, debuted on SNL this past weekend, Sean Don finds himself thanking God for his journey. The original version on the album features R&B singer The Dream.

New MV: Big Sean’s “Moves” Is A Trip!

I’m looking forward to where Big Sean takes us in 2017! While he always delivers quality music, he also delivers a new feel that challenges the expectations of his previous work. With Dark Sky Paradise arguably being Sean’s best solo project to date, he has so much to prove! “The name of the album is called ‘I Decided’. I realized my whole life change when I decided. Life is all about [making decisions],” he explained in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Big Sean’s “Halfway Off The Balcony”, “Moves”  and “Bounce Back” are all  cuts off of Big Sean’s forthcoming album I Decided due for release February 3rd! The album features collaborations with Jhene Aiko, Camila Cabello and Eminem amongst others! Along with the new album comes the ‘I Decided’ Tour which kicks off in Houston this March! Check out “Big Sean’s “Halfway Off The Balcony” and “Sunday Morning Jetpack” below!

Big Sean Performs “Sunday morning Jetpack” On SNL





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