New MV: Jon Hope Sets The Pace With “The Left Hand”

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-12-15-27-amJon Hope kicks off 2017 with the visuals to his latest single “The Left Hand”. On the track, Hope reflects on his successes and the city he comes from while moving towards the future.”My left hand wrote it “Niggas say they chased their dreams / I wonder who ran? Who worked? / who punched in the clock / F*ck it all! I am the sh*t / my toilets something to watch,” he spits. “What’s a nightmare? Nigga we got Day Trill,” he continues shouting out The Beautiful Silence and the culture they’ve curated. “F*ck your likes views comments and your downloads / I just want my first and last name in your household,” he spits exploring his ambitions. In the Shooters Club LA produced lyric video we find Hope reflecting in a scenic grassland. The track ends with Hope reassuring, “February boy! February boy!”

#BennettKnowsRadio Covers Jon Hope’s #TwoDollarFlo

Last time we spoke to Hope, he was working on his sophomore album. “It’s progressive! I’m so certain of myself. I’m becoming more of a minimalist with my art so I’m not trying to explain things anymore. The music will speak for itself,”. At the creative’s #TwoDollarFlo, Hope debuted a new Kris Fame produced cut titled “EAT”. “It’s a record that’s inspired by an interview I saw with 2 Pac. Sooner or later, you’re going to become frustrated. People want to be part of something and you’re asking them nicely and then after a while you’re going to become antsy and then boom, you’re gonna get this. It’s a reflection of a lot of frustration over some of the things that are going on socially,”. It looks and sounds like Hope is on to something! Hope’s forthcoming release Savage Beauty is due for release this year. Check out Jon Hope in the “The Left Hand” below!





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