ICYMI: Chris Brown and Trey Songz Teamed Up On “Dat Night” ft. Young Thug

New Music: Chris Brown & Trey Songz - "Tuesday (Remix)" & "Made Me"ICYMI: Chris Brown and Trey Songz teamed up once again on a new track titled “Dat Night”. The moody track, which features Young Thug, finds the trio flaunting their wild and crazy lifestyle. “All my bitches with the s**t when I be in Chicago / LA, New York and Miami, p**sy everywhere I go,” Trigga and Breezy croon on the hook. “I know what it is, we know you the s**t / Know who got them bricks / know who hittin’ licks, get this money blindfolded,” they continue in between individually verses. This isn’t the first time Chris and Trey have collaborated. Back in 2014 the two teamed up on a slew of remixes and in 2016 Trigga hopped on Breezy’s “Back To Sleep (Remix)”. Most recently both Chris Brown and Trey Songz have met controversy and scandal going into the new year. However, both singers and Young Thug have brand new projects slated for release this year. Hopefully the trio all meet success in 2017! Check out Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Young Thug on “Dat Night” below!


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