New EP: Code Green Take Us On A ‘7 Day Trip’


unnamedAfter two years of development and overall anticipation, Providence hip-hop trio Code Green releases their debut EP 7 Day Trip. Back in 2014, Code Green set the pace for this journey with the well received single “Too Silly”. The track fused the current trends of both the hip-hop and trap genres while providing a unique and “trippy” style of their own.  Since then, the trio has set the anticipation at an all time high with releases like “One Way”, “I Know, I Know” featuring Bobby Jones and the “Too Silly (Remix)” featuring King Mez. Yesterday, November 20th, Code Green finally met the hype with their 7-track conceptual EP 7 Day Trip. Let’s jump into the project below!

New MV: Code Green – “Too Silly”

7 Day Trip opens up with a haunting intro titled “Nights In LA”. The track, produced by Y4Nazareth, sets the pace for the project in it’s entirety. Code Green is ready for a life changing trip and they’re taking us with them! After turning up on the lead single “Too Silly”, the trio pick up the pace to deliver some “Luv & Vibe” over an intricate NYQuill production. After the good vibes, the trio take us to the heart of their journey with a smooth track, a personal favorite titled “Irregular”. At this point in the trip, Code Green has made their transition and there’s no turning back (hence, the single “Damn, I Took Too Many”). After riding through the “Wild Wild West”, Nesi, ER and Bruce close 7 Day Trip with a smooth track titled “Estranged”. At this point, our boys have crossed the line of no return and are ready to conquer anything in front of them. “Gotta run this s**t, yeah,” they repeat over the Lorn production.

New MV: Code Green – “Damn, I Took Too Many”

Overall, 7 Day Trip is a well-produced EP that sets the pace for this group of creatives. Along with their previous releases, the 7-track project successfully meets numerous years of anticipation while providing a platform for Code Green to grow and develop as artists. The production on the project, provided by a handful of producers, fuses hip-hop, rap and trap influences while providing the notable psychedelic flow from beginning to end. Along with the “trippy” and psychedelic feels comes themes that represent where this group has been, their current standing and where they are going! This is only the beginning! Always looking forward to what’s next from Code Green! Until then, we’re tripping! Buckle up and get ready for the ride for your life! Check out Code Green’s 7 Day Trip below!

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