New Music: John Legend – “Penthouse Floor” ft. Chance The Rapper

darkness-lightIn case you missed it: John Legend is back and he’s ready to soothe our hearts again! After making his return with “Love Me Now”, John Legend teams up with Chance The Rapper on “Penthouse Floor”. Unlike “Love Me Now”, “Penthouse” is a smooth, head-knocking track that finds the duo riding a funky beat. “Once you’re above the city lights / Won’t want to spend another night, down there on your own / the holding on is made for us / the altitude is dangerous, but we ain’t going home,” he croons over the Black Mills production. Chance The Rapper kicks off his verse with a knock knock joke. “I heard this old joke once, it was like, uh / Knock knock, who’s there, it’s us, us who? / Just us, who dis? Just playin’ / Just me, new phone, new hair, new era,” he spits. “Penthouse Floor” along with “Love Me Now” are cuts off of John Legend’s forthcoming album which features collaborations with Chance the Rapper, Miguel, and Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard! Darkness & Light is due for release December 2nd! Check out John Legend in “Penthouse Floor” below!


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