ICYMI: Code Green Reveals ‘7 Day Trip’ Tracklisting!

code-green-7-day-tripAfter three years of anticipation, it’s safe to say that Providence hip-hop trio’s long-awaited EP 7 Day Trip is finally here! Over the weekend, Code Green kicked things off with the release of the smokey album cover which finds the creatives driving in a thunder storm through the desert. The 7-track project includes the previous releases “Too Silly”, “Damn, I Took Too Many” and “Wild West Interlude”. Other track such as “I Know, I Know” and “One Way” did not make the cut. “Hope this can be the soundtrack to a few of your lives for a moment in time,” band member ER tweeted. Although there still isn’t a release date, I think it’s safe to say 7 Day Trip is right around the corner! It’s time to get trippy! Check out Code Green’s 7 Day Trip tracklisting below!

7 Day Trip
1. Nights In LA
2. Too Silly
3. Luv & Vibe
4. Irregular
5. Damn, I Took Too Many
6. Wild Wild West
7. Estranged

Code Green – “Too Silly”


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