ICYMI: Robin Thicke And Juicy J Team Up For “One Shot”

robin-thicke-one-shotRobin Thicke and Juicy J hit the bar with their new single “One Shot”. Earlier this week, Robin Thicke returned to the scene with the brand new single which finds the singer taking one shot shots left and right. “It took five shots, and we were getting it on / And then four shots, we had nothing on /Three shots, we were out of there / Two shots, whispering in your ear,” croons over the upbeat production. “I got one shot, one shot to love you all night long,” he continues. Of course Juicy delivers a trippy verse of his own. “Apple martini, now she in my Lamborghini / Coming out of her bikini, ’bout to rub me like a genie / Get her all alone, knock her off, then I dip /If she work it good enough, she might leave with a tip,” he spits. The single is perfect for a full on mainstream comeback. In my opinion, “One Shot” is reminiscent of Pitbull and Ke$ha’s 2013 hit Timber”. While “One Shot” appears on the Almost Christmas soundtrack, the track is also expected to be on Robin Thicke’s follow-up to 2014’s Paula. Shots anyone? Check out Robin and Juicy on “One Shot” below!


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