ICYMI: Code Green – “Wild Wild West Interlude”

unnamedscreen-shot-2016-10-25-at-5-30-14-pmAfter teaming up with King Mez on the “Too Silly (Remix)”, Rhode Island hip-hop trio Code Green unleash the next promotional piece leading to their debut album 7 Day Trip. In a video for the “Wild Wild West (Interlude)”, the members of Code Green are seen hitchhiking before quickly hinting at a journey or trip that follows. The video is just enough to keep us hyped up for the highly anticipated project which is well on its way! Along with “Wild Wild West” and  “Too Silly” comes “Damn, I Took Too Many” and “I Know, I Know” featuring Bobby James, all cuts off their forthcoming project 7 Day Trip! We’re looking forward to what the trio has up their sleeves! Check out Code Green’s “Wild Wild West (Interlude)” below!

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