New Music: Chris Brown – “Keep You In Mind” ft. Bryson Tiller

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-11-41-56-pmAfter teaming up with Meek Mill for “All I Wanna Do”, Chris Brown releases a brand new single titled “Keep You In Mind”. On the new single, Breezy plugs in R&B new comer Bryson Tiller for a smooth bedroom banger for the ladies. “I know you like it, and girl I love your perfume / Girl, it’s all about you girl lets light this fire up / If it’s room for two baby / Can I keep you in mind,” the duo croon over the K. Roosevelt production. “Baby tell me, Can I, Can I / Baby tell me, oh yeah yeah / Keep you in mind (in my mind),” they continue. “Keep You In Mind” is the epitome of a perfect R&B production. “Keep You In Mind”, “Lady In The Glass Dress” (which Breezy just released) and “Grass Ain’t Greener” are all cuts leading to Breezy’s forthcoming album Heartbreak On The Moon. I’m always looking forward to new music from Chris! He literally does no wrong … musically that is! Chris Brown’s Heartbreak On The Moon is due for release later this year! Check out “Keep You In Mind” featuring Bryson Tiller below!


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