New Music: Calvin Harris Sings About Taylor Swift On “My Way”

calvin-harris-my-way-single-cover-art-compressedAfter topping the charts and owning the airwaves with the Rihanna assisted single “This Is What You Came For”, Calvin Harris releases his follow-up “My Way”. On the track, Calvin sings about getting over an old flame and doing things his way! “Why wait to say, at least I did it my way / Lie awake, two faced / But in my heart I understand / I made my move and it was all about you / Now I feel so far removed,” he croons. The track is most likely a reference to his high-profile break up with pop sensation Taylor Swift. “You were the one thing in my way / You were the one thing in my way,” he repeats on the chorus. It’s about time T. Swift got a taste of her own medicine!  Aside from the amazing production, this is the first time we’ve heard Calvin’s vocals since “Summer” back in 2014! “My Way” is the latest cut off of Calvin’s forthcoming project! Check out Calvin Harris on “My Way” below!

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