New Music: Ariana Grande – “Knew Better Pt. II”

knew-better-iiAfter collaborating with her boyfriend Mac Miller on “My Favorite Part II”, Ariana Grande completes Dangerous Woman interlude “Knew Better”. On the track, Ari focuses on an ex who did her wrong and a “new boo” who loves her like he “used to,” the track is likely to stir up rumors about Big Sean and Mac Miller. “If you knew better / Boy, you would do better / Can’t nobody love you there like I do / Baby, I could do better / Boy, if you knew better / You would do better /Baby, if you love me like I love you,” she croons on the chorus before ripping a verse that compares the two rappers. ““I ain’t even worried about it this time,” she raps. “I know he gon’ be the one to treat me just right / Never had a motherf**er this tight… I look good, right,” she continues. I love how Ari added to this track! Not only is it a good song but it adds to the current media feud that surrounds Grande and Miller! Dangerous Woman is one of this year’s leading albums! Make sure you check it out! Check out Ariana Grande’s “Knew Better Pt. II” below!


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