ICYMI: Terror Jr. – “3 Strikes”

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-9-03-25-amAfter listening to Ariana Grande’s “Know Better Pt. 2”, I ran into this banger and I haven’t stopped listening to it since! The track: “3 Strikes”. The artist? A low-profile trio called Terror Junior including lead singer Lisa and producers Felix Snow and Campa. The group caught attention earlier this year when Kylie Jenner released the visuals to her high-end lip gloss commercial. “3 Strikes” is a heavy-produced pop track featuring Lisa, once rumored to be Kylie Jenner vocals. “I need you to free me, it’s a prison inside my mind / Break me, taste me / Roll me up like the northern lights,” she croons. “Can you hold me down for one night, like I got three strikes,” she continues. Although “3 Strikes” may have been the demo for what is known as Kiiara’s current hit “Gold”, I think this track is better! According to the Terror Jr. twitter account, an 11-track EP is well on it’s way! I’m actually looking forward to the development of this group! Until then, all we can do is bang out to their music while we wait! Check out Terror Jr’s “3 Strikes” below!

Glosses By Kylie Jenner

Terror Jr. – “3 Strikes”


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