New Music: Cru Alxndr – “Made A Way”


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-8-35-32-amIt’s been a while since Cru Alxndr released new music! After going viral with the “So Gone Challenge”, the Rhode Island rapper releases a brand new track titled “Make A Way”.On the track, Cru finds himself reflecting on his life and all of his self-achieved successes. “Hold up my nigga, I’ve done too much myself / If I ain’t you then, why the hell I need your help / You ain’t finna come around right now and take my shine / You should get yours right now while I get mine,” he spits over the smooth self-produced beat.  “I made a way! I made a way,” he continues on the chorus before snapping on a couple verses. As always, I’m looking forward to Cru Alxndr’s future releases and we are still awaiting that debut album! Until then, check out Cru Alxndr’s “Made A Way” below!


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