ICYMI: Fan Attempts Attack On Kanye West During ‘Saint Pablo’ Tour

666779449mf00020-kanye-westIn case you made missed it! Kanye West’s ‘Saint Pablo’ Tour is insane! So insane, that Boston’s TD Garden had to postpone the show a couple hours in order to set up the stage .. the floating stage that is! The unique stages is a Ridley Scott-inspired mobile rig of steel and light, with Kanye himself on a suspended stage that floats over the pit throughout the show’s duration. During a performance at his Atlanta concert earlier this week, a fan shocked Kanye when the crowd helped lift him up so he could grab onto the rig and climb himself onto the stage. However, before the fan could get onto the stage, Kanye waved him off. Good thing Mr. West stopped him before he reached the stage! Who knows what the fan was capable off .. or the lawsuit that could have followed! No one man should have all that power! Check out the footage below!


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