ICYMI: Yung Simmie – “UnderDog”

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-4-06-01-pmIn case you missed it, Yung Simmie released the visuals to Simmie Season track “Underdog”. The message behind “Underdog” sits within the title. The Miami native keeps up the grind and continues to win even though he’s looked at as an underdog. “Big money calls, time to make a trip / I will never fall, niggas sleepin’ on me / I’m an underdog, but overall / Fuckin’ all the bitches, skirting off in cars / I be goin’ up, nigga fuck the law / Why I be so high, I’m the underdog,” he spits. In the video, Simmie takes us to MIA as he vibes out to the sound of his tune. “Why I be so high, I’m the underdog / I be super high, I’m so over ‘yall / Blowing on the gas, steppin’ out the fog,” he continues. Most recently Simmie made the Complex list of the Top 5 rapper’s to watch in Miami. However, he won’t stop until he’s #1. Currently Yung Simmie is working torwards the release of his next project Simmie Season 2! Until then, check out “Underdog” below!


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