New Music: Code Green – “Too Silly (Remix)” ft. King Mez

Awwwwe man! They're back with another one! 💚💚💚

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-9-12-48-amAfter winning the awards for Most Anticipated and Single of the Year at the 2014 #BennettKnowsRadio Awards, Rhode Island hip-hop trio Code Green meets fans anticipation with the remix! “Too Silly” finds the Code Green putting together a feel-good anthem about overcoming different scenarios we encounter in life. “Awe man this s**t too silly / awe man this game to petty / Awe man my time too precious/ Awe man this time feel better,” they croon on the hook. Yesterday, the trio released the remix featuring North Carolin rapper King Mez. “This s**t too / got a nigga f**cking up a check when the rent due / make a n**gga pull up all black with the tent too / they don’t like smart rap that includes your bitch too nigga,” he spits on the opening. Along with the Mez’s verse comes a brand new verse from Evo! “We about to run it, we about to run it / no sympathy for the ones that stunted/ I’m like the [sic] plug, give it to who ever want it,” he spits. In addition to the remix comes a behind the scenes video giving listeners and supporters a peak at the creative process. Along with “Too Silly” comes “Damn, I Took Too Many” and “I Know, I Know” featuring Bobby James, all cuts off their forthcoming project 7 Day Trip! We’re looking forward to what the trio has up their sleeves! Check out Code Green’s “Too Silly (Remix)” featuring King Mez below!

Making Of “Too Silly (Remix)

Code Green – “Too SIlly (Remic)” featuring King Mez

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