What Were The Hottest Songs Of Summer 2016?

All Summer '16!

What Were The Biggest Songs Of Summer 2016The summer time is a great period for music! However with the brisk weather sweeping in and our favorite summer festivities behind us, it’s safe to say Summer 2016 is over! Whether these tracks remind you of a certain moment or a special someone, these are the songs that usually leave a lasting impression and memories that will last for a lifetime! This summer left us with some amazing tracks from some of today’s biggest performers as well as the progression of a relatively new sub-genre! Let’s reminisce on the summer as we go through some of the biggest tracks of 2016! Did your favorite song make the cut? Lets check it out!

10. Sia – “Cheap Thrills” featuring Sean Paul

“C’mon, c’mon turn the radio [insert radio station] on / It’s Friday night and I won’t be long!” Australian singer/songwriter Sia owned the airwaves this summer with the smash single “Cheap Thrills” off of her sophomore album This Is Acting. The single, produced by Kurstin, provided an infectious reggae-fused beat with the universal theme of “balling on a budget”. The single, along with Jamaican singer Sean Paul’s help on the remix (talk about comeback), topped the charts and sat within the top 10 all summer.

9. Calvin Harris – “This Is What You Came For”

After topping the charts back in 2010 with “We Found Love”, Calvin Harris and Rihanna joined forces once again for another electronic, floor-filler titled “This Is What You Came For”. The track which features RiRi’s unique voice over another one of Calvin’s massive power productions was the perfect fusion shooting the frequent collaborators to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Things became sticky when TMZ reported that the track was co-written with Harris’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, who used the pseudonym Nils Sjöberg because they did not want their relationship to overshadow the song. Although, Calvin admitted that Swift had significant contributions to the smash hit, he wouldn’t let the now controversial singer his thunder (pun much intended). Whether it’s actually Taylor Swift on the hook or Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For” will forever bring us back to summer ’16!

8. Justin Timberlake – “Can’t Stop The Feeling”

Upon the announcement that Justin Timberlake would return to the scene with new music, I became very, very excited. Who could deny the work of the once curly, noodle-headed, “Cry Me A River” crooning pop royalty? However, when “Can’t Stop The Feeling” hit the airwaves, I was unimpressed. I’m not sure if it was the cheesy lyrics or the radio overplay, but I never enjoyed this song. My feelings towards Justin Timberlake’s comeback single are actually similar, if not the same, to my feelings towards Pharrell’s 2013 hit “Happy”. But that’s just my opinion! “Can’t Stop The Feeling” broke records debuting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100! Hopefully JT follows-up wit some real music so the feelings can end here!

7. Kent Jones – “Don’t Mind”

Now that we’re done with JT’s “Can’t Please Stop The Feeling” we could move onto another one of my favorites … an extreme exaggeration if you don’t catch it. Kent Jones killed it with his debut single “Don’t Mind” this summer! However, the overplayed single found us switching our radios in a heartbeat. “Don’t Mind” rode the popular wave of the reggae-fusion genre while providing that infectious club-blazing production and a handful of slick lyrics. “Don’t Mind” sat amongst the Top Ten of the Billboard Hot 100 majority of the summer. If I find myself macking to a beauty overseas in the future, I know I can count on a few lines from this banger. Thank you Kent Jones!

6. DJ Khaled – “For Free” featuring Drake

Speaking of We The Best … what happens when the frontman of We The Best Music plugs in the 6 God? Major key! This summer DJ Khaled added fuel to the fire with Major Key lead single “For Free” featuring Drake. On the track Drizzy references Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 song “For Free?” while keeping the hook ambiguous, playing with the idea of men and women paying for sex. Instant classic! With the track sitting at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100, “For Free” has the momentum to bring us back to the best moments of 2016! With four successful collaborations in the bag, Khaled and Drake definitely has us asking for another one!

5. Rihanna – “Needed Me”

Rihanna finds herself on our list again but this time around she’s on some trill s**t! Teaming up with DJ Mustard, RiRi provided a new feel with the follow-up single off of ANTI. “Needed Me” is an undeniably smooth track that explores the theme of rejection in a relationship. While the lyrics push a feminist tone, giving women an anthem to confidently sing all summer, men appreciated the track for it’s overall trill feel. “Needed Me” was originally released to urban radio but it’s overall popularity found Rihanna on rotation on mainstream radio’s throughout the country. Whether you actually went through a break-up or you’re just confident in what you can offer, “Needed Me” will always be a favorite!

4. Tory Lanez – “LUV”

Man! Tory Lanez set it off this summer! After topping the charts with “Say It” and “L.A. Confidential”, Lanez blazed summer ’16 when he released “LUV”. Following the trend of the reggae-fused genre, Lanez took one of the greatest songs of all time (Tanto Metro’s “Everyone Falls In Love”) and modernized it with a booming Cashmere Cat and Benny Blanco production. “LUV” found us hitting the dance floor with good vibes and amazing energy all summer! Whether you actually fell in love or you just had a good time this, Tory Lanez’ “LUV” will definitely have a spot on your summer ’16 soundtrack.

3. The Chainsmokers – “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya

The electronic duo The Chainsmokers met worldwide success this summer with their massive hit “Don’t Let Me Down”. On the track, the duo handle a powerful and infectious trap-pop fused production while American singer Daya lays down her smooth vocals. “Don’t Let Me Down” found the duo and their teenage collaborator atop of the Billboard Hot 100 for the first times in their careers. Although the track was overplayed, you cannot deny this infectious hit! Just wait until the beat drops!

2. Drake – “Controlla”

There is no denying the power of Drake. This summer, the takeover took off began when “Controlla” hit the web giving fans a taste of what the 6 God had in store. “Controlla” is a smooth reggae-fused track that finds Drizzy proclaiming his love for his companion. With contributions from Reggae singer Popcaan and a sample from Beenie Man, this smooth track had enough momentum for any juice-packed moment at any party. Although “Controlla” didn’t break Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, Drake’s cultural influence this summer is enough to lead any soundtrack of summer 2016!

1. Drake – “One Dance” featuring Wizkid & Kyla

Before releasing his top charting album Views, Drake clearly warned us that he would own summer ’16! In addition to “Controlla”, Drizzy found himself in heavy rotation with his smash single “One Dance”. Picking up the pace from where “Controlla” left off, Drake provided smooth R&B and reggae-fused feels with a little more energy to get us on the dance floor. Between Drizzy’s upbeat verses, Kyla’s smooth vocals, Wizkid’s break down and Noah “40” Shebib’s overall production, America was mesmerized. “One Dance” shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 where it stood for 10 massive weeks. As said before, there’s no denying the power of Drake! “One Dance” is definitely here to stay! However, nothing will ever compare to the memories created in summer ’16!

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