New Music: Peter Bruh Remixes Drake’s “Controlla”

Controlla, Controlla, Controlla

screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-9-25-15-amAfter teaming up with Pona on “Take It”, blazing with “Wine With Me” and delivering a “Message In A Bottle”, Peter Bruh continues to promote his forthcoming project with a remix to Drake’s “Controlla”. “She say I’m like no other nigga cause I don’t try to control her, Controlla, Controlla, Controlla,” Peter croons over Noah “40” Shebib’s power production. “My ex bitch says a nigga done changed / Michael Jordan you Nigga fade away / Thank God new love cam my way / Fetty Wap girl just come my way,” he continues.

#BennettKnowsRadio Interviews Peter Bruh

Between this track and Peter’s most recent releases, it seems like the PVD creative has finally found his sound. “Message In A Bottle”, “Wine With Me” and “Take It” are all cut’f off of Peter Bruh’s forthcoming mixtape Good Company, Good Vibes expected for release later this year. Definitely looking forward to a full project from this Providence creative! Check out Peter Bruh’s “Controlla (Remix)” below!


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