POP Music: Flo Rida – “Zillionaire”

flo-rida-zillionaire-single-artAfter owning the airwaves with “My House” for what seemed like forever, Flo Rida returns to the scene with a new radio-friendly banger titled “Zillionaire”. On the new track, produced by super producer Max Martin, Flo finds himself comparing his lover to money … a zillion dollars that is! “I gotta ask where you been hiding / You’re like a 20 karat diamond / The finer things in life were shining / How ’bout that late night wine and dining,” he questions over the booming beat. “I spend it all on you, baby baby, just watch / A BMW, a Bugatti, thick rock / Get you a fancy yacht any chance I got/ When I become a zillionaire,” he continues on the hook. While the track doesn’t catch my fancy, there’s no denying Flo Rida’s ability to ride a massive pop production! What do you think? Check out Flo Rida’s “Zillionaire” below!



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