New Music: Tory Lanez Spits His Sh*t On “August 29”

tory-lanez1After single-handedly killing it with “LUV”,  the official song of the summer, Tory Lanez keeps it pushing with a new cut titled “August 19”. On the track, Tory “spits his s**t” responding to the criticism of his now viral jump shot while reflecting on the most recent BET Awards. “Jumpshot ugly,” he raps on the track. “But I ball, dog, in real life / I give the game insight to my trill life.” “S**t is gettin’ realer and my ni**as gettin’ triller,” he raps. “At the BET like how they give my s**t to Tiller / I mean that’s my ni**a but I came up from the skrilla / And I want that s**t the hardest, every artist gotta feel ’em,” he continues. Before rapping up (pun intended), Tory fires shots at XXL Vanessa Satten. “XXL pissed,” he raps. “Somehow I ain’t take they cover / So they writin’ blog s**t, taunt me and say I’m wrong / Like damn, Vanessa, dog, I thought we was f*ckin’ dogs.”

New Music: Tory Lanez Samples Tanto Metro On “LUV”

“August 19th” sets the pace for Tory Lanez highly anticipated debut album I Told You. Not only has the rapper/singer showcased his adversity with hard-hitting singles but with a track like this, he’s showing his overall passion. “LUV” along with the smash hit “Say It”, “L.A. Confidential”, “Came For Me” and “Unforgetful” are all cuts leading up to Lanez debut album I Told You. After a year of releasing music and touring, I Told You is slated for release August 19th! Until then, check out Tory Lanez’ “August 19th” below!


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