New MV: Chris Brown, Taylor Swift & Ray J React To Kanye West’s “Famous”

kanye-west-famous-videoLast weekend Kanye West stirred things up when he released the visuals to The Life Of Pablo lead single “Famous” featuring Rihanna. The track, which explores the rich and lavish lifestyle of the famous, already created a buzz upon it’s release for the controversial line, “For all my Southside n*ggas that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor [Swift] might still have sex / Why? I made that b*tch famous”.  Since then, Kanye West and Taylor Swift have been going back and forth on the climate of the line and if Taylor and he team indeed approved of the reference before it’s release.

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Kanye took things to another level when he premiered the music video for “Famous” on June 24th 2016 at The Forum in Los Angeles. The video, influenced by Vincent Desiderio’s “Sleep” (pictured below) and Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper”, features nude images of famous celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Ray J, Caitlyn Jenner, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Anna Wintour, George Bush, and Donald Trump laying in a bed. “We were very careful with shots that had [something] sexual to take them out,” he explained in a recent interview with Vanity Fair. What we see instead is a moody, quasi-religious tableau of naked, vulnerable, strangely peaceful bodies at rest. Under the sheets, the video is a commentary on celebrity and the bar bodies behind the image. Of course there has been mixed responses and reactions to the controversial video.

George W. Bushes representative responded to the clip stating, “In case there was any doubt … that is not President Bush,” the rep said, adding: “He [W] is in much better shape.” 

Chris Brown responded to the video, but not with outrage tweeting, “Why I gotta have the plumbers butt/ crack showing WAX figure?😂😂😂😂,” Breezy captioned on IG alongside a still from the video. “This n*gga KANYE CRAZY, talented, but crazy 😭😭😭🏆”

“Taylor is livid,” a source allegedly told Hollywood Life. “Taylor is horrified [by the ‘Famous’ music video]. Taylor didn’t know what to do when she heard about what Kanye did. She is bewildered, feels betrayed and is beyond frustrated with Kanye. It is like a complete nightmare. Taylor is pissed to say the least!” Although Taylor hasn’t directly responded to the video, her friend Lena Dunham slammed Kanye West in a lengthy Facebook post calling it “disturbing,” “sickening” and “unsafe for women.”

The best response to the video came from Ray J and his manager Wack 100 who told TMZ, “If they didn’t show Ray J with his [expletive] in Kim Kardashian’s mouth, tell Kanye to go back and reshoot that sh*t,” he said. “Tell that ni**a he a long way from Chicago. He better watch his [expletive] mouth.”

At the end of the day, Kanye West knows what he’s doing. Not only did he deliver an artistic visual that correlates with the already controversial single, but he delivered a music video that will go definitely down in history! What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!



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