New Music: Vic Mensa Plugs In LE1F, Halsey, Lil B & Malik Yusef For “Free Love”

vic-mensa-free-love-475x475In celebration of Pride Day, Roc Nation signee released a very moving track titled “Free Love” featuring Lil B, Malik Yusef, LE1F and Halsey. On the track, the trio acknowledge the social justice progress of the LGBTQ movement while detailing the tragedy in Orlando. The track finds Vic Mensa questioning love on the hook while providing a couple emotion-packed verses. “We don’t need diamonds and pearls / No, free love is not a luxury!  Oh, you can fuck who you wanna f–k / you can love who you wanna love! If you’re proud put your lighters up / then can’t fight this flame we’re burning,” he spits. Each of the featured artists also shine light on the movement while providing perspectives of their own. The track delivers a powerful message that I wish the world would follow.

New Music: Vic Mensa – “All That Shines”

In addition to releasing “Free Love”, the Roc Nation signee posted a powerful message that correlated with track. “A year ago I remember having a conversation with a family member about LGBT rights. I’ve always been in support, but I didn’t feel personally attached or really feel like it was my battle to fight,” he wrote. “It wasn’t until a member of my own family revealed to me that the identified as queer this year that it really started to sink in with me.” Currently Mensa is preparing his forthcoming debut under Roc Nation. Read the full note and listen to “Free Love” below!

Vic Mensa – “Free Love” ft. Lil B, Malik Yusef, LE1F and Halsey


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