BennettKnows Interviews A. Ros [Watch]

aros-press1After making his debut with the well-received single “All I Wanted” featuring Pusha T, Rhode Island R&B singer A. Ros (pronounced A Rose) stopped by #BennettKnowsRadio to talk about the track, his future plans and much more. Growing up, A. Ros found his passion in music with influences from iconic singers like Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown. When his father, an executive under Sony Records, discovered that Ros could sing, he used that passion to motivate his son to graduate from high school. “He told me if I graduated, he would make a track with me,” he explained. Crossing the stage with just the skin of his teeth (thanks to his overall talent), A. Ros found himself toying with what would be “All I Wanted”.

HOT Music R.I. Singer A. Ros Plugs In Pusha T For Debut “All I Wanted”

Being in the right place at the right time, A. Ros found himself eating lunch in the same restaurant as Pusha T. Taking advantage of the moment, the young singer introduced himself to Pusha T and management before showing him the first cut of the track. “We sent them the record and like 45 minutes later they hit us back and was like ‘yo, that records dope’ and he hopped right on it,” Currently A. Ros’ is focusing on promoting the new single. “Right now we’re focusing on radio. Everything is business. I just wanted the song to get out there. A lot of people wanted me to put out music for a long time,” he explained. However, Ros promises that he’ll be following up with the next big track. “I have another major single with another major artist … he’s an OG too,” he explained. With “All I Wanted” setting the apce of this young talents musical journey, I’m sure A. Ros has a successful future ahead of him! It’s time to get familiar! Check out A Ros. #BennettKnowsRadio interview below!

#BennettKnowsRadio Interviews A. Ros

A. Ros – “All I wanted” ft. Pusha T


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