BennettKnows Interviews Nino Green [Listen]

FullSizeRenderWhen it comes to rappers leading the emerging PVD culture, you may think of names like Jon Hope, Khary and Hil Holla amongst a handful of others. However, there is a new group of creatives making their mark on the local scene and one of those rappers are Almty’s Nino Green. From rapping on the playground to ripping the stage at this year’s #TheComeUpPVD, Nino’s passion for music and more specifically hip-hop has made him a notable artist growing in our city. Last week Nino visited #BennettKnowsRadio to discuss music and what we can expect this summer.

New Music: Nino Green – “Alsius”

“I’m tired of people from the city saying ‘Providence wants to be [this], Providence wants to be [that]. No Providences wants to be Providence the humble rapper stated. With songs like “Alsius”, Nino plans to deliver an original sound and feel that represents the city. “Alsius is the latin word for cold. I wanted you to hear the song and feel cold ’cause that’s one of the main feels of the city,” he explained. Although he didn’t disclose much information about what’s to come, Nino assured us that he’s working. Later this summer, Nino will release a collaboration project titled ” with Yami Ceasar. “It’s sad, late-night, summer sounds,” he explained. It’s time to get familiar! I believe Nino Green’s another artist that will be making an impact on the PVD culture in 2016! As we await the first single off of, you can enjoy Nino’s “Alsius” and his #BennettKnowsRadio interview below!

#BennettKnowsRadio Interviews Nino Green

Nino Green – “Alsius”


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