ICYMI: Meghan Trainor’s ‘Thank You’ Is The Perfect Transitional Piece! [Album Review]

Meghan-Trainor-Thank-You-2016-2480x2480After dominating the charts for with Title cuts (“All About The Bass”, “Lips Are Moving” and “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”) for majority of 2015 and earning the Grammy for Best New Artist at the 2015 Grammy Awards, Meghan Trainor quickly follows up with her sophomore album Thank You. The album serves as a ‘thank you’ to her family friends and fans after a very successful year. “I wanted to go big, I wanted to get all my influences in there and show everything from my caribbean side to my love for Bruno Mars and Aretha Franklin and even some Elvis vibes, anyone I grew up listening to,” she explained. “It’s definitely a Meghan Trainor album, but it’s a more grown up, matured, intense Meghan Trainor,” she continued. Thank You debuted on the Billboard Top 200 at #3 after it’s May 13th release.

Meghan Trainor Curves With New Single “NØ” 

The 15-track project opens up with a transitional piece titled “Watch Me Do” which celebrates the singers current success and sets the pace of the project in it’s entirety. After revisiting her latest single “Me Too” and the chart topping hit “NO”, Meghan plugs in Yo Gotti for a smooth, caribbean inspired piece titled “Better”. On the following tracks “Hopeless Romantic”, “I Love Me” featuring Lunch Money Lewis and “Kindly Calm Me Down”, Trainor slows things down while exploring themes of heartache, loving yourself and self worth. On the next track, one of my favorite on the project, “Woman Up”, Meghan provides another upbeat tune for the independent ladies. Following “Independent Ladies 2.0”, Meghan explores the theme of friendship as it relates to the friend zone and providing support for a close friend on“Just A Friend” and “I Won’t Let You Down”. After hitting the dance floor for “Dance Like Yo Daddy”, another sass-packed, doo-wop influenced track reminiscent of the singer’s debut, Meghan provides a feel good anthem about getting over everyday problems with “Champagne Problems”. On the next tracks, “Mom” and “Friends” the now-red headed singer thanks those who held her down during her journey to the top. On the final but definitely not least track, Meghan thanks her fans for all of their support with “Thank You”.

New MV: Meghan Trainor – “Me Too” 

Just as the title suggests, Thank You is a appreciation piece for the supporters. The project explores all of Trainor’s influences while providing a string of tracks that explores the themes of loving yourself and relationships. With production from a handful of producers and collaborations with a few under-the-radar performers, Trainor provides a solid pop album. Although the lead singles “NO” and “Me Too” have already received great reviews, I don’t think that Thank You follows the hype of Title. However, the transitional piece showcases Meghan’s undeniable songwriting skills proving that the singer has a promising career ahead of her. I’ll definitely be looking forward to Meghan’s next project while enjoying the sounds of the first two! Check out Meghan Trainor’s Thank You below!

Meghan Trainor – “NO”

Meghan Trainor – “Me Too”


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