New MV: Yung Simmie Delivers The Vibes With “It Was Me”

a1261523859_10Over the weekend, Miami native Yung Simmie released the visuals Basement Musik 3 cut “It Was Me”. “It Was Me” is a hard-hitting track that finds Simmie spitting about providing the vibes for the turn-up. Unlike Shaggy, this time around it was Simmie! “Who came with all the bitches? Who rollin up the weed? / Who came with them double cups, pouring up the team,” Simmie spits over the Purp Dogg, “Blue Moon” sampling production. In the animated video, Simmie delivers many different storylines. In one scene Simmie antagonizes the police and in another he plays a Pharoah who  delivers the vibes. At first the animations through me off, but once I made that connection the video became very entertaining! What do you think? Check out Yung Simmie in “It Was Me” below!

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