New Music: Gucci Mane – “Back On Road” ft. Drake

1465107168_45e7d74b87c0e1d2bed1aa4407ada4cbAfter screaming “Free Gucci” for what seemed like an eternity, Gucci Mane is back in action! During last night’s episode of OVO Sound Radio, Drizzy released Gucci’s new single “Back On The Road”. On the track, produced by Murda Beatz, Gucci celebrates his early release while warning of his re-entry into the rap game. “I’m just an East Atlanta n*gga with a body on this belt  /I done had a million beefs, but I ain’t never call for help ! I’ll take a n*gga’s bricks, and I done took a n*gga re-up / Put that rifle on your partner, made him shit all on himself,” he spits over the power production. “I got money that I saved then I’m back on road /
Get my jewelry out the safe cause I’m back on road,” Drake spits on the hook. The collaboration is interesting considering that Gucci dissed the hell out of Drake back in 2013! Hey, anything to get back on road! Along with “First Day Out Da Feds” and G.O.O.D. Music’s “Champions (Round & Round)”, it sounds like Gucci is 3 for 3! I’m looking forward to watching him return and readjust to the music industry in this day and age! Do you think Gucci has what it takes to pick up where he left off? He definitely has the support! Check out Gucci Mane’s “Back On Road” featuring Drake below!



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