New Music: Jean Lou Makes His Debut With “Right By My Side”

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.31 PMIn this day and age, the PVD culture has been flooded with local talent stemming from rappers to producers and singers in between. Last week Jean Lou, the latest member of the Wavy Bunch, made his debut with an R&B/Soul track titled “Right By My Side”. “Right By My Side” is a R&B touched balled that comes off as an attempt to regroup with an ex-lover. “Cause when your not here, girl I cant focus don’t leave me lonely and hopeless / I swear! I’ll do whatever to make this love last forever, ” he croons over the smooth production. I think that “Right By My Side” is a fruitful beginning for the aspiring R&B singer. While it’s not as promising as it could be, it’s a great beginning. We’ll see how he follows-up! While “Right By My Side” serves as Jean’s first single, the track along with z100’s “On & On” and Shelot’s “Tin Man” serves as momentum for the Wavy Bunch’s takeover this summer. “Sixteen weeks, eight songs,” Jean promises. I’m looking forward to Jean Lou and the rest of the Wavy Bunch’s fallout almost as much as I’m looking forward to their festive Sangria Saturday series! What do you think? Is Jean Lou’s “Right By My Side” a hit or a miss!? Listen to the track and sound off in the comments below!


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