New Music: RI Singer A. Ros Plugs In Pusha T For Debut “All I Wanted”

AROS-pressEarlier this month, PVD singer A Ros (pronounced as A. Ros) released his debut single “All I Wanted” via Pigeons and Planes. The single, which samples Wreckx-N-Effect’s 1992 single “Rump Shaker,” is a feel good anthem featuring Pusha T. “I’ve been drinking, girl thats how I cope with loosing you,” Ros croons on the track. “All I wanted is you! All I needed is you,” he continues on the hook. “She love him, but she leave him / He need her, but he a cheeter! Can’t change the spots on no cheetah / can’t fake the rocks on no divas.” Pusha adds. The track is the perfect combination of production, sound and lyrics. His sound kind of reminds me of a young Chris Brown. It’s amazing that Ros (who’s virtually unknown) is making his debut in such a major way! I have two questions … what does the city think of A. Ros and does anyone know who is he!? I’m looking forward to seeing how A. Ros follows-up and how the city responds to this banger! It’s time to get familiar! Check out A. Ros’ “All I Wanted” featuring Pusha T below!

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