ICYMI: YG – “Why You Always Hatin?” ft. Drake & Kamaiyah

yg-why-always-hatin-ddotomenFinally! YG returns to the scene with a new single titled “Why You Always Hatin?”. On the new banger, YG reunites with Drizzy to address all the non-supporters and fakes who hate on them despite all of their success. “Just copped the Benzo with the tint/ You should know cause in every song I said this sh*t! Yeah, in every song I said this sh*t / I’m just proud of my accomplishments,” Bompton’s frontman spits. “Just admit it already / you got plans to do it, boy we did it already! Got a couple DMs I done slid in already /Gotta ask YG if he hit it already,” Drizzy continues.

New Music: YG – “Really Be (Smokin n Drinkin)” ft. Kendrick Lamar

YG plugs in Oakland femcee Kamaiyah to cover the hook. “Please, please tell me why you always hatin … Why you hatin,” she spits. “Why You Always Hatin’?” is the perfect buzz single for YG’s forthcoming sophomore number Still Krazy. Along with “WYAH” comes “Twist My Fingaz” and “I Wanna Benz”. Still Krazy is due for release next month! Always looking forward to new music from YG! While he always provides that West Coast bounce that I’ve learned to love, he also provides the nitty-gritty flow and content that the West Coast music scene is currently missing. Check out YG’s “Why You Always Hatin’?” featuring Drake & Kamaiyah below!

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