New MV: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Dance Off”

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 8.58.18 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.03.36 PMAfter taking us “Downtown” and leading an appropriate conversation with “White Privilege II”, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis challenge us to a dance off! Last night the Grammy Award winning duo released the visuals to their new single “Dance Off”.”Dance Off” is a high-energy track about leaving everything on the dance floor. “I grab my ankle and pull it up And do that thing where I move my butt / I got the juice, motherfucker don’t use it up I say woo there it is, then loosen my tux,” Mack spits on his first verse. “I challenge you to a dance off / Hands off, no trash talk, no back walk! On the black top, just me, you, that’s all/ No cat calls, no tag teams, no mascots,” Idris Elba continues on the hook.  In the Jason Koenig and Lewis-directed clip, Macklemore provides the official dance-off experience. Starting off at a wedding, we go through a restaurant, the gym and a department store called ‘Macks’. The video is hilarious and it features Idris Elba which is a plus! “Dance Off”, along with “Downtown” and “White Privilege”, are all cuts off of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ sophomore album This Unruly Mess I’ve Made. I challenge you to a dance off! Get jiggy with Macklemore and Idris Elba with “Dance Off” below!


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