New Music: CJ Tonic – “One Dance (Remix)” ft. DeStorm & TB Hits

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 5.31.48 PMJust as Drake’s Views single “One Dance” featuring Wizkid & Kyla, tops the Billboard Hot 100, CJ Tonic plugs in De Storm and TB Hits for their own remix. On the reproduction, produced by CJ Tonic, Michael Foster, and Matthew Tedder, CJ Tonic, De Storm and TBHits provide a couple of verses of their own. “I been looking for a long time! I’ve been looking for the right song / You got it! you show me! You did it! you owned it,” CJ croons. “He couldn’t keep it honest! Had a couple hoes on the side like a garnish / Say he broke your hear but I did’t break a promise,” De Storm continues before TB Hots slows it down with some wise words, “You know that he lying and you see it in eyes but every time he caught you just act surprise.” Currently CJ Tonic is preparing a new EP titled From Heart of Gold due for release later this year! Check out “One Dance (Remix) featuring CJ Tonic, De Storm & TB Hits below!


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