New Music: Pia Mia Releases New Track “Justin Bieber”

pia-miaAfter heating up the summer 2015 with her debut single “Do It Again” featuring Chris Brown and Tyga and the smooth and seductive follow-up “Touch”, Pia keeps the momentum going with a new single titled “Justin Bieber”. On the new single, the Guam native finds herself singing about living life and havin fun with no pressures. “No we don’t have to worry about playing games/ cause you know we got us something that don’t need a name! Long as there’s no pressure/ Oh, no, I don’t want no pressure,” she sings on the infectious production. There hasn’t been any correlation between the track and the singer. I believe she named the track after the pop singer both for publicity and in response to the Purpose cut.Currently Pia Mia is preparing her debut album under Interscope Records. I’m still looking forward to what this pop princess has in store! Thus far the album feature collaborations with Kid Ink, Chris Brown and Tyga! Check out Pia Mia’s “Justin Bieber” below!


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