New Music: The Game Honors Afeni Shakur With “Mama” ft. Sonyae

the-game-mama-475x475After honoring the late Prince with “Rest In Peace”, The Game honors Tupac’s late mother with a new track titled “Mama” featuring R&B singer Sonyae. On the track, The Game quotes lyrics from Tupac’s 1995 classic “Dear Mama” while saluting all the mothers including his own. “And even though your only son grew up to be a thug, you ain’t never stopped showin’ me love,” raps Game, adding, “We ain’t shit without our mamas,” he spits over the StreetRunner and Tarik Azzouz production. Along with the track, The Game honored Afeni on Instagram. “In the wake of Afeni Shakur’s untimely death, I would like to wish her well on her journey to heaven,” he wrote. “My condolences are with Sekyiwa Shakur & their immediate family in their time of mourning. You have endured a great loss but her soul can now fly free & she is reunited with her only son in time to hug him for Mother’s Day.” Just in time for Mothers Day! Make sure you honor yours! Check out The Game’s “Mama” featuring Sonyae below!

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