New MV: Cardi B – “Foreva”

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.57.35 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 1.01.31 PMCardi B makes here BennettKnows debut with the visuals to her current single “Foreva”. Earlier this year the VH1 Love & Hip-Hop star released her debut mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 and to everyones surprise, it isn’t that bad. On the lead-single “Foreva”, Cardi finds herself monumenting her infamous “foreva” moment with a track that catches it’s momentum. “Ran down on that bitch twice! Ran down on that bitch twice /You know me I be with whatever! If a bitch beef with me we gon beef foreva,” she spits on the hook. in the entertaining video, Cardi gets word that one of her haters are talking about her and the hunt begins. Currently Cardi B is working on more music while shooting the next season of Love & Hip-Hop! What do you think of the reality stars music? Check out Cardi B in “Foreva” below!


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