New Music: Zedd – “True Colors” ft. Kesha

Zedd-Kesha-True-Colors-single-640x640Happy Thursday! After performing “True Colors” alongside Kesha at Coachella, EDM producer Zedd release the updated track as a single. “True Colors” is an original cut off of Zedd’s 2015 self-titled album. However, amongst Kesha’s messy sexual abuse/contract lawsuit against Dr. Luke, Zedd got in the studio with the crushed pop singer to make new music. “True Colors” is a powerful pop-tune that finds Kesha unleashing three years of pent-up frustration here as she howls “I won’t apologize / for the fire in my eyes / Let me show you my / my true colors / It ain’t your rainbow.” The last time Ke$ha released new music was back in 2013 with Pitbull’s “Timber”.

New MV: Pitbull – “Timber” ft. Kesha

Back in February, Kesha was denied the injunction she was seeking to free herself of the contract binding her to Dr. Luke and Sony’s Kemosabe Records legally biding her to 8 more albums under the record label. While media outlets are claiming that Zedd and Ke$ha found a loop hole to release the song, Zedd took to twitter to clarify. “Just to clarify: We didn’t use any loop holes. Kemosabe / RCA gave us permission to release this song!” Zedd wrote. Later, Dr. Luke responded, “Thanks for the clarification @Zedd …” I’m really glad that Zedd is collaborating with Kesha amongst this legal mess. I hope that the release of this single gives Kesha the hope to move forward with more music. The duo are rumored to be working on an entire project! We’ll see in due time! Until then, check out Zedd & Kesha’s “True Colors” below!



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