Beyonce Serves Up Some ‘LEMONADE’ [Album Review]

lemonadeOver the weekend, Beyonce debuted her second visual album, LEMONADE, on HBO and the Tidal streaming service. After the release of her powerful single “Formation” and a 30-second teaser, fans and critics had no clue what to expect. Long behold, another well-produced project exploring her husband Jay-Z’s infidelity and the aftermath she faces in the spotlight. The special itself pieced 12 music videos, one for every track, between spoken-word segments from Bey and artistic vignettes of black-and-white images. LEMONADE features guest appearances from Serena Williams, the mothers of those lost to police brutality, collaborations with  Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, James Blake, and Jack White, plus production from Diplo, Jack White, Hit-Boy, Boots, Mike Dean, Just Blaze, Mike WiLL Made-It, and more. Let’s jump into the album!

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The album opens up with a smooth ballad titled “Pray You Catch Me”, which sets the pace for the project’s entirety. In the last past couple years, Beyonce and Jay-Z faced many rumors as they relate to infidelity and separation. Some of those rumors related to the infamous elevator scene, celebrity psychics and more. On LEMONADE, Beyonce spills the tea and sets the record straight. On the next track, an island-inspired track titled “Hold Up”, Beyonce finds herself spitting about her love for her man amongst the cheating. Picking up the pace, Beyonce spits her sh*t on the next track “Don’t Hurt Yourself” featuring Jack White. “Blinded by love, I really f*cks with you / Until I realized I’m just too good for you,” she screams. Beyonce moves forward with a smooth track titled “Sorry”, an anthem for women moving forward from a heartbreak. “Middle fingers up! Put ’em hands high! Wave ’em in his face! Tell him boy bye,” she croons. On the next track, my personal favorite, Beyonce teams up with the Weeknd for a club banger called “6 Inch”.

By Popular Demand: Beyonce Returns With “Formation”

Beyonce takes a turn on the next track with a Texas-inspired track titled “Daddy”. On the track, Beyonce finds herself singing about daddy-issues and what they’ve made of her today. “When trouble comes to town and men like me come around, my daddy said shoot,” she sings over the jive-inspired production. On the next track, “Love Drought”, Bey slows things down as she focuses on the her marriage in the spotlight and the importance of the relationship that she shares with Jay-Z. Before moving “Forward” with James Blake, Beyonce delivers a powerful performance on a heart-felt track titled “Sandcastles”. Beyonce teams up with Kendrick Lamar for a civil rights anthem titled “Freedom”. Beyonce wraps things up with a truthful track titled “All Night” before finally getting in “Formation”. Overall, Beyonce knows the roll she plays not only as an entertainer but as a wife. At the end of the day, marriage is forever and Beyonce is willing to take the falls and make the sacrifices needed to make  her marriage a successful one.

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And she does it again! Another well-produced visual album that does more than entertain but effectively puts things in perspective. As it relates to her relationship with Jay-Z, the power-couple have been facing challenges within their relationship for years now. Instead of blasting HOV through social media and allowing all hell to break loose, Beyonce keeps it classy and addresses her marriage in a beautiful and artistic way. Not only does this make it hard for anyone to take away from the two and their relationship but it allows women around the world to empathize with their idol. I mean if Beyonce’s getting cheated on, than it could happen to anyone! This piece gives women the strength to move forward in every way possible. Beyonce also uses her platform siting social injustices and police brutality which puts Beyonce in the same boat as legends like Michael Jackson and the late Prince who used their voices for change. The best thing about LEMONADE is that it seems so natural and refreshing like the beverage itself. While I haven’t been a huge fan of Beyonce’s in the last few years, I cannot deny the perfection of this piece and no one else can either! The sounds (production and voice), the message and it’s overall swag is one that will last forever! All hail queen Beyonce! Okay ladies Know-It-Alls let’s get in formation! Check out Beyonce’s LEMONADE below!

 Beyonce – “Formation”

1 Comment on Beyonce Serves Up Some ‘LEMONADE’ [Album Review]

  1. Monica Hurley // April 25, 2016 at 12:32 PM // Reply

    Phenomenal album. Beyonce is a master of her craft, the only one in the industry who has made two completely flawless visual albums. No one can compare.
    I think it is absolutely remarkable how insightful, vulnerable and raw this album is. The visuals are exceptional. And the fashion. So good. Beyonce makes me want to ne nothing less than the best at my craft.

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