New Music: Hil Holla Releases Second Single “Ten2Twenty”

Trying to get this money! Trying to turn ten into twenty! 💸💸💸

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.24.34 PMLast year Hil Holla kicked off promotions for his anticipated album Outside Providence with the booming lead single “Backseat”. Fast forward a couple months, Holla keeps the momentum going with the project’s second single “Ten2Twenty”. Picking up where “Backseat” left off, Hil Holla delivers his familiar flow over a grimy, hard-hitting 72 Dolphins and MarlinontheKeys power-production. “This sh*t so 1 hunnid, they might have to throw my face on it / feeling like Puff bitch , I just might throw Mase on it / Bitch I’m back, Im on that black on black/Got all this gold on me she finna think that I rap,” he spits. “I’ve been up all night! Trying to get this money! Trying to turn ten into twenty,” he continues. The track appropriately builds anticipation for the forthcoming project once again! Keep an eye open for Hil Holla as the debut project unfolds. I’m pretty sure Outside Providence will be blazing the city this summer! Get familiar! Check out Hil Holla’s “Twenty2Ten” below!

Hil Holla Talks ‘Outside Providence’ on #BennettKnowsRadio


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