#BennettKnowsRadio Covers Jon Hope’s #TwoDollarFlo

"Xperience Is Currency"

11313040_10208678882388095_7808630104804497793_oOn Thursday April 7th, Jon Hope presented #TwoDollarFlo sponsored by Red Bull and Free Wifi at Dusk Bar in Providence, Rhode Island. The show, hosted by  Gibran Borbon featured performances from Providence rappers Jon Hope, Almty Ceez, and Khary, Connecticut’s CRS LYRC and Boston’s Latrell James. The show which lived up to the slogan, ‘Xperience is Currency’, was Jon Hope’s first headlining show in over four years. “It was an idea inspired from J Cole where the experience is the currency. It’s really the experience between myself [and the other performers] and our exchange with the fans … you can’t put a dollar sign on it,” he explained. “We’re in an era where record sales are low, there’s streaming and stuff like that so people are trying to create experiences, surprise albums, it’s about moments. A moment’s feelings, things that are kind of intangible and I’m just falling in line. The #TwoDollarFlo is just something people can time stamp, and to be honest, everyone on this line up is bringing something to the table. You’re probably not going to get this type of high quality for eight quarters,” he continued.

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We kicked off the night backstage with host Gibran Borbon who explained what it meant to be part of a show of it’s kind. “I’ve been so ecstatic for this show! I wish I had better words to express how happy I am. This is major! I’m grateful to be part of the show because I don’t feel like I bring anything to the table but in normal Jon Hope fashion, he quickly [reassured me]. He said ‘greatness is a state of consciousness’ and that was huge because that made me feel like he wanted me here for a reason and that I also have something to bring to the table,” he explained. Like Gibran, each of the artists on the bill brought different experiences that spawned an overall moment in PVD culture. CRS LYRC and Latrell James, both artists from outside of Rhode Island, expressed their love for Providence. While CRS was surprised by support he received from the audience, “It’s love! I don’t know anyone but the n*ggas I came with and people are really rocking with me like they were already my fans,”; Latrell expressed his satisfaction with being a part of the lineup. “Im grateful! I was primarily known as a producer from Boston. For people to come out and enjoy me as a full artist is a totally different experience. I’m amongst amazing artists and I’m being viewed as artists and that’s important because I create,” he explained.

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Between all of the artists, 2016 will be a big year. While Khary has a new project titled intern aquarium in preparation for May, “The aquarium is essentially New York and when I moved to New York I began interning. I spent those two years interning, working an building myself up to the point of where I’m at now. The project basically details that time of my life”, Ceez has a new LP titled Risky Business coming this summer, “It’s about everything that could be risky -relationships, maneuvering in the streets and the industry. The game of life is about taking risks,” During his interview Jon Hope also discussed a new project for 2016. “It’s progressive! I’m so certain of myself. I’m becoming more of a minimalist with my art so I’m not trying to explain things anymore. The music will speak for itself,”. During his set, Hope debuted a new Kris Fame produced track titled “EAT”. “It’s a record that’s inspired by an interview I saw with 2 Pac. Sooner or later, you’re going to become frustrated. People want to be part of something and you’re asking them nicely and then after a while you’re going to become antsy and then boom, you’re gonna get this. It’s a reflection of a lot of frustration over some of things that are going on socially,”. Overall, the music scene in Rhode Island is at an all time a high and we’re all looking forward to new heights that we’ll reach this year.

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CRS and Latrell kicked off the night with well-received performances of cuts off of their individual projects. Before Ceez took the stage performing alongside PVD rapper Krew$, Khary added his unique vibe to the spotlight with performances of tracks off his forthcoming project. Jon Hope wrapped up the night with a high energy performance of tracks such as “F.I.S.H.”, “Ain’t Nobody”, “GBLN Man”, “Plaids & Polka Dots” amongst a handful of many others. The energy spawned by each creative filled the room with vibes you couldn’t experience anywhere else! With each performance, came a new experience and every performance added to the overall moment; a moment that many would remember forever. Experience became currency and that currency will impact and inspire many in the future. After all was said and done, DJ ASAP set off an amazing encore cypher performance which included each performer and impromptu entrees from other PVD artists including Hil Holla and Cam Bells. The encore performance was an appropriate way to end the show leaving the audience appreciating PVD’s amazing talent while craving so much more! This one was for the books! Big shout out to Jon Hope and the performers for putting together such an amazing show! Check out interviews and photos from the #TwoDollarFlo below!

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Jon Hope Presents #TwoDollarFlo

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