New MV: Bibi Bourelly Releases Empowering Visuals To “Sally”

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.15.20 PMMeet Bibi … Bibi Bourelly that is! Bibi Bourelly is the singer/songwriter responsible for Rihanna cuts such as “Bitch Better Have My Money”, “Higher” and “Yeah, I Said It” off Rihanna’s latest project ANTI. Last night the outspoken singer’s new single “Sally” made rounds across the web forcing me to fall in line. On the booming new single we meet Bibi’s alter-ego “Sally” dancing and prancing around in front of the jukebox. “Let me see you rock little Sally! Let me see you twerk little Sally, let me see you work little Sally,” Bibi croons over the doo-wop inspired production.

Bibi Bourelly Slays With New Single “Sally”

“Sally is just a song that I wrote talking to my alter ego,” she explains. “When I write, I don’t really consciously say, ‘This is what I’ve been going through in my life and I’m gonna put this into words.’ It’s just a song that I kinda went in and did then listening back to it, I realized, ‘I’m talking to myself.,” she explained in a recent interview with Billboard. In the video, directed by Sebastian Sdaigui, we meet a host of Bibi’s artist friends who represent “the Sallies that have freed themselves of hate, fear and are comfortable in their own skin.” In my opinion, the soulful sounds and undeniable charisma Bibi delivers on “Sally” is enough for the Berlin-born singer to make an impact in 2016! Currently Bibi’s preparing an untitled project for later this year. It’s time to get familiar! Watch Bibi Bourelly in “Sally” below!


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